The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation is expanding its partnership with Drexel University offering a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, Athletics, and Mathematics) infused summer program, called Young Dragons. Participating students will have the opportunity to examine technology and science through visual and performance arts and athletics, utilizing the methodology of the holistic STEAM approach.Initially piloted with the ExCITe Center in 2016 as Summer STEAM, this summer camp collaboration offers elementary and middle school students living near Drexel’s campus the opportunity to participate in a FREE six-week program with two-weeks of focused STEAM enrichment. This summer’s camp merges the STEAM curriculum piloted in 2016 with the established literacy and enrichment programs of 21st Century Learning Center and Lindy Center for Civic Engagement.͞The goal of this unique transdisciplinary program is to engage, educate and inspire students, regardless of their background or financial resources, to explore science, technology, engineering, arts, athletics, and mathematics — STEAM — in a creative and engaging form.  As part of the six week camp, students in Young Dragons will explore Music Technology (Acoustics and Sound Synthesis), Visual Arts (Geometry and Drawing/Painting), Computer Game Design & Coding, and Dance (Biology and Movement). The program’s Athletics module will illustrate how science and technology can enhance physical health and training. All participants will have the opportunity to develop individual inquiry-based projects and participate in a student showcase on the last day of camp. STEAM enrichment would compromise a two-week portion within the six-week camp.

The Young Dragons program has been designed specifically to meet the needs of children living in close proximity to Drexel, in a two-square-mile area called the Promise Zone that has been federally designated for support due to the challenges it faces associated with persistent poverty.
The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation is thrilled to be part of this unique collaboration, which will have a tremendous impact on Philadelphia youth. 
When youth are exposed to new experiences like Summer S.T.E.A.M., they can see what’s possible, whether that’s a future career in music technology or coding or another S.T.E.A.M. field.  It’s our vision and goal to provide them with a unique, innovative program that will open their minds and motivate them to complete their education,  said Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles Safety and the Founder & Chairman of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation.
The Young Dragons program is an extension of the educational programs currently offered by the Foundation, including Project R.E.W.A.R.D.S., a life skills curriculum and the Malcolm Jenkins Scholars. Prior to the start of the camp, students from McMichael School will participate in a creative Young Dragons Logo Design Competition. The student winner will be announced at ExCITe’s Open House on June 2 and have his or her logo design showcased on the program tee shirts.
On Friday, July 21, the Young Dragons will also have the opportunity to take an interactive tour of the Eagles facility and practice field. While at the facility,
students will engage in athletics and technology-focused learning modules, such as tracking their power outputs using the Eagles athletic training technology and participating in a special obstacle course, to gain first-hand experience of the importance of STEAM in a professional sports setting.
The expanded offerings in the Young Dragons program allows us to reach more children in the Promise Zone and engage them in the 21st Century skills enabled by STEAM learning.

Young Dragons is open to students entering first through eighth grades. It will be held at Drexel from June 26th to August 4th from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.   Applications for this year’s Young Dragons’ program open on April 17th and will be made available through the following schools: Alain Locke Elementary, Morton McMichael School, and Martha Washington Elementary.For more information, please reach out to indicating Young Dragons in the subject line.