Excerpts from Costas’ interview Malcolm Jenkins, Football Week 8

On Jenkins play last week against Vincent Jackson and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I’ve seen plays like that happen since I was little, since Pop Warner. Somebody gives everything they have and it’s just enough to make the play. The chances of us keeping them out of the end zone are slim, but I know there is still a chance. Whatever I can give, I’m always going to give it, just to give my team the chance to win the game.On Jenkins similar play last year against the Dallas Cowboys:One thing that Jim Tressel always taught us was that being great usually means it’s not all about talent. Sometimes your God given ability is just not enough. If that’s the case, then you can be fine with that. But if you don’t give all that you have and do the things that you have control over, then you will be disappointed in yourself. So I make sure that whenever those opportunities come I’m always going to give it my all. And they have worked out for me.On preparing to play against Peyton Manning, when Manning was with the Colts: The biggest thing I remember is the importance of the details. How we aligned and what we were showing him. Knowing that he is reading us was the biggest thing. We studied our own body mannerisms. We had to do a lot of self-scouting to know what he would see and know what we were showing as far as coverage and looks. We had different plans for him at different points in the game. We didn’t want to keep it the same. If you do the same plan for the whole game, it may work early but eventually he will figure it out. You try to keep the ball out of his hands and do whatever you can to keep him off the field. And it worked for us.