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Too often…

… bright and ambitious students slip through the cracks, unable to continue their academic career due to financial roadblocks. The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation is working to close that gap.


Project R.E.W.A.R.D.S. works in under-resourced communities to increase high school graduation, graduation rates, college eligibility and enrollment.

The after-school program is designed to deliver progressive rewards at yearly benchmarks to prepare students for college as they learn essential life skills and receive necessary resources for future success. The program actively engages students in grades 9 -12, with a curriculum focused on:

  • Building Self-Confidence

  • Health and Wellness

  • Strategic Thinking


Scholarships are awarded by the Foundation annually to help deserving students, in pursuit of higher learning, with the financial assistance to attend an accredited college or university. Scholarships are awarded in the following categories: 

  • High Academic Achievement

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Most Improved

Scholarship winners receive the honor of being named “Malcolm Jenkins Scholars”

The Malcolm Jenkins Project REWARDS Scholarships are awarded annually to help deserving youth, in pursuit of higher learning, with the financial assistance to attend an accredited college or university.

The Malcolm Jenkins Project REWARDS Scholarships are awarded annually to help deserving youth, in pursuit of higher learning, with the financial assistance to attend an accredited college or university.




The Malcolm Jenkins Project R.E.W.A.R.D.S. (Reinforcing Education With Activities, Recreation, and Developmental Supports) is a collaborative, education development program of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation that is implemented in partnership with College Track New Orleans.

Meet TMJF Scholar

I am Troy Simon



The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation awards outstanding students in the following categories

Most Improved

High Academic Achievement

Overcoming Adversity

As I graduate high school I will be the first in my family to attend college.
— Alan Llanas, Malcolm Jenkins Scholar, College Track New Orleans
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 2019 Malcolm Jenkins Scholars

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation awards scholarships utilizing a comprehensive process. Project REWARDS scholarships are awarded based on the review and recommendation of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation Scholarship Committee.   


Many of the students, at College Track New Orleans, who have earned scholarships went on to attend institutions of higher learning such as Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana, Howard University, Tulane University, Tuskegee University, Franklin & Marshall College, and many more.



More than 60% of scholars are

FIRST-GENERATION college students

Since 2012, The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation has awarded 91 deserving scholars with more than $128,500 in scholarships support towards their college education.

I would like to give my sincere gratitude for being chosen as a scholarship recipient. I will use this funding at LSU for a laptop and dorm supplies. All the best.
— Diamond D.


Scholar Spotlight: Kaila, Howard University

It was on a trip to East Africa through College Track that opened my eyes to global disparities in healthcare. Serving at a clinic in Lira, Uganda, I saw the lack of equipment in the facilities and space to adequately serve the community. I remember one of the nurses telling us that all of the instruments they used were sent from the United States after being deemed unfit for use. I thought to myself, “if these instruments are not good enough to be used on American patients, why are they being used on Ugandan patients?”

I have always been self-motivated and driven, but for students from my community, that is not enough. College Track provided me with the tools to not only get to college, but to graduate and pursue my passion. After medical school, I plan to move back to New Orleans to fill the gap in the medical field and ensure that little Black girls have doctors and healthcare professionals who look like them. For me, it’s important to model what it looks like to follow your passion.


TMJF Scholar Thank You’s

“Thank you so much for offering me this scholarship.  You have given me a reason to continue working  hard and going for my hopes and dreams to graduate college.  Thank you for your support and believing in us.”
— Tashinga S.
Thank you so much!  I really enjoy working the Malcolm Jenkins self-portrait.  It was fun.  This scholarship will help me with my funds at La. Tech University this fall.  Thank you again.
— Jordan F.
Thank you!  Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to have this reward towards my college future.  I have committed to Loyola University New Orleans and the money from the reward will be used towards my tuition since it will help to make my gap a lot smaller.  Also, thanks for the sessions.  My favorite one was last fall.  I got to meet Malcolm and his insights on what it is to be a leader have helped me become a better leader for my peers.  God Bless & thanks for this.  My family and I are in great gratitude.
— Yolanda
Thank you for awarding me with this scholarship.  I really enjoyed the Project REWARDS session when Malcolm Jenkins himself came to speak with us.  His advice and life story truly inspired me.  As an African American male, him coming to College Track and telling us never to give up on dreams stuck with me all the way through high school.  And now I am graduating!  This fall I will be attending Southern University in Baton Rouge and will major in Engineering.  With this scholarship money, I will buy a computer and books for my classes.”
Thank you so much for the opportunity to earn money for college.  I especially liked the exercise where we did the self-portrait.  I will use the money to buy books and my first laptop.

Thank you for the chance to win the award.  I’ve enjoyed all of the team building programs.  I will be using it at LSU.
Thank you for the scholarship money.  I will use it to get a new laptop and suit.  I will be attending Howard University in the fall.  I will be studying International Business and Biology. Thank you for the Project REWARDS field trip to Winn Dixie.  I learned how to shop for good foods on a budget which I think will greatly benefit from in college.
— Dewey S.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive this scholarship.  Without this award, it will help me with obtaining books for my classes and other school supplies for my dorm.  I will be attending Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in the Fall.  This scholarship is much appreciated from a student who has been raised in low-income family.  
— Jeremiah W.
Thank you so much for awarding me with this scholarship.  Because I was a part of the sessions, I got to be with my fellow graduates and engage in different activities with them while learning new things about myself.  With this scholarship, I will be able to lessen my gap and pay for things like food, fees and maybe even some gear to represent my new school - Xavier University of Louisiana!
— Tia C.
I was a recipient of the Malcolm Jenkins Scholar Awards in the year 2013.  I recently received a care package from you guys and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The care package has greatly benefitted me during those late night hours studying for finals and also gave me a little more motivation to keep striving regardless of how tough things may get.  I would also like to thank you for being such a great role model for other fellow students and hey practically the world.  Each one of you guys could be doing other things that could personally benefit you more or bring more success to you personally however, you all have sacrificed y’all time, money, patience, and much more to help the future leaders of the world lead the world.  Thank you so much for everything that you have done and I truly hope that this email may continue to motivate your future works and also remember that while not every human will say thank you God is always looking down with a pleased smile face.  Thank you once again for the care package and for this wonderful opportunity.  I hope that your summer is fun and refreshing.
— Emmanuel S.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in different activities for the program.  My favorite activity that I participated in was the leadership engagement and understanding what are the leadership characteristics.  I’m going to Franklin & Marshall College and I would use the money for books, toward my expenses for college, and a driver’s license.
“I would like to say thanks to all of you who chose me as a winner for your scholarship.  My favorite activity in the Project REWARDS program would have to be when we all stood on a yoga mat and tried to turn it over.  It was really funny and it helped me to get closer with my peers (literally).  With this generous donation you have given me, I will use it for school purposes only, such as books.
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